Left Coast's CMS Benefits


Promoting your business with Left Coast Web Design's Content Management System has a number of benefits. They range from easy set up and maintenance of your own site to driving traffic to it and then keeping them there with multi-device compatibility. This helps turn browsers to buyers. Here's how we do it...




Very Customizable Content Management

We believe in giving you as much control as possible. This means providing a basic layout that you can work within: add rows of content in whichever order you want, include whichever links you want in the navigation, build your own pages and links, images, and videos.




No Up-Front Costs

For many of us, buying the office building doesn't make sense! Why incur huge development costs for something custom when you can sign up and simply pay a small monthly fee - just like leasing office space. This prevents your company from having to run on too tight a budget.



Lead Generation & Client Management

Our system includes contact forms and you can create more based on standard ones. When visitors use a form, they're entered into the system as a lead.

Once a lead is generated either via sign up, a contact form, or manually entered, you can keep track of their logged in activity as well as keep notes on them yourself. You'll also be able to view their favourites so you'll always know what they're looking for.

Leads Icon

SEO & Social Media Built In

Search Engine Optimization has never been as important - or involved - as it is today. We have built in the features that search engines look for. These include daily generated sitemaps, structured data, approprately tagged images, etc. As search engines evolve, we update our standard system to work with their requirements.

Interested in creating marketing campaigns using landing pages? A single option turns any page you create into a landing page - free from the rest of the site.

By adding social media account IDs to the system yourself, those linked icons will appear on the frontend of the site. Social Media integration is a big benefit for SEO. We also include features for seamless display on Facebook and Twitter when visitors share your site.



WPO Built In

As sites become more complex and visitors' expectations soar, Web Performance Optimization has become a very important part of web development. We strive to create sites that behave quickly and intuitively striking a balance between good looking content and quick load times. To accomplish this, we implement recommended practices and check our standard system against with widely used metrics.



Mobile Ready, Responsive Design

Whether your visitors are viewing your site on a desktop computer, a mobile phone, or anything in between, our standard features will be viewable in an intuitive manner. This is important not only for the enhancement of user experience but also because search engines such as Google are continually giving search placement priority to mobile-friendly sites. This will help give you a competitive advantage over non-mobile friendly sites.



We're Always Improving!

Features, Design, Site & Lead Management, SEO, WPO - we're always developing. We want to provide our clients with the tools - and sites - to succeed. This means getting found, keeping people on the site, and turning browsers to buyers. This is our system - we're passionate about developing it and making it better. Always!