Left Coast's CMS Features


Our Content Management System is loaded with easy to use, built-in features. Not only that, but we're improving and adding to our list of CMS features all the time - without additional cost to you!

We've highlighted a selection of our current features below.



Content Management

With Left Coast's Content Management System, you control your content. Edit text, ad pictures, videos, rearrange your main menu - almost anything you want without the help of a designer or programmer.



Tell your visitors what's going on. Blog as often as you want with Blog Management. 



Inventory Management & Paypal

Got stuff to sell? Upload your inventory with as many details and pictures as you want. Choose to offer your customers online or offline ordering. With Paypal integration, your customers can pay using their bank account, credit cards, or Paypal account.



Your customers can't stop raving about you? Tell the world and convert browsers to buyers. 


Video Links

Do you host videos on other sites such as YouTube? Simply add the link and place it on your page. It's that simple.



Upload documents, photos, videos, almost anything you want. Then send the link to others or display the link on your site for public download.



Build as many slideshows as you want and place them almost anywhere on your site. Your slideshows can contain image and, if you have the know-how, HTML slides.


Company-Wide File Sharing

Upload files such as PDF or Office documents and share them with others in your company. You can choose only certain members or groups of members for each file. 



301 Page Redirection

Replacing your current site? Maintain your search engine ranking by redirecting your current site's links to your new site's links.


Third Pary Ads w/Tracking

Sell ad space on your site. Our ad system provides impressions and clicks so you can show your clients how their ad campaigns are doing.


Site Management API

Manage your leads, company members, and locations from another site using our API.



We're Always Improving!

Features, Design, Site & Lead Management, SEO, WPO - we're always developing. We want to provide our clients with the tools - and sites - to succeed. This means getting found, keeping people on the site, and turning browsers to buyers. This is our system - we're passionate about developing it and making it better. Always!